Howell Family- Nu Skin Building in Provo

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Ally and I have known each other for just over four years now! After she got back from serving her mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she rented a room in the same apartment as me, and we’ve been able to stay good friends ever since!

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She always tells me that her claim to fame (in my life, at least) is that she is responsible for Everett and I getting married. Everett lived in the apartment across the street from us, and I had met him a couple of times and had a little crush on him. One day, as Ally and I and a couple of our other roommates were peeking out the window at the boys across the street (should I be ashamed to say that was a regular thing? haha), I said to Ally, “Do you think Everett has a girlfriend?” She said, “I don’t know!” and she threw open the window and yelled across the street, “EVERETT! DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!?” I was MORTIFIED. But, his curiosity got the best of him and he came over to check it out, and lucky for me, the rest is history.

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As Everett and I dated and became engaged, Ally would always tell me that she was waiting for her “Everett.” He really is so sweet and so good to me, and I was so proud that she wanted to have someone like who I had. Obviously she found hers, and she and Bryson got married just over two years ago! Cute baby Glade was born last November, and I would just die if he and Leo grew up to be best friends.

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When I put out a couple months ago that I wanted to do some mini sessions, I was SO EXCITED that Ally wanted to bring her cute family down, puppy and all, for some pics! We got together at my place afterward with Emily, another one of our roommates, to hang out and have some pizza. I’m so glad that I’m married, but I miss seeing those girls every day!

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