I would love to know who you are working with for your wedding! When I use my photos for blogs and social media posts, I love to give credit to all the vendors involved. It would be so helpful to me if you could list those involved with your wedding!

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If your wedding is a temple wedding, this text box is for the name of the temple.
Only complete this area if it is different than the reception venue
Only fill out this area if the catering is not provided by your venue.
If the bride and groom got their shoes at different places, please list both!
This area is for anything unique you've booked for your wedding, such as a special get-away car or a caricature artist. Please state the service then the business name separated by a colon. If you have more than one, please separate them with a comma! Ex: Get-away-car: Something Old Something Blue, Caricature artist: Caricatures By Diane