Ashlynn and Carlens- First Look and Bridals at the Provo City Center Temple

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An amazing perk of my job is that I get to meet couples who I don’t know from Adam and feel their connection to each other so deeply that I can’t help but feel how perfect and blessed their relationship is. And so it is with Ashlynn and Carlens; their love runs so deep!

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A few fun facts about Ashlynn and Carlens… because I love learning new things about new people! Carlens is from Haiti and moved to Boston after the earthquake back in 2010 to get back on his feet and ended up staying in the United States. He eventually moved to Idaho to go to school at BYU-I and met Ashlynn! Ashlynn is studying psychology and eventually wants to be a stay-at-home mom (a girl after my own heart) and Carlens is studying automotive engineering to be an automotive technician.

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And they have a great proposal story! Ashlynn was going through the Draper Temple to receive her endowment, and Carlens and her entire family had the privilege of being there. Being able to receive that ordinance is amazing in and of itself, but to top it all off, when everyone was coming out of the temple, Carlens dropped to one knee and popped the big question! Of course she said yes, and it was great for them to share that moment with Ashlynn’s family, too :)

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Ashlynn’s only request for this session was that she have plenty of candid shots. Sometimes I feel that the word “candid” means to too many people “belly laughs in every photo,” but in talking to Ashlynn before her session, I was glad to find that that wasn’t the case! She wanted a variety of posed and candid, for sure, but she also wanted the more subtle candid shots, the ones that show pure emotion, whether it’s laughing or not. I’ll leave it to you to decide, but I think between Ashlynn, Carlens, and me, we pretty much nailed it ;)

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