Brooklyn in the Summer Flowers

This will forever be one of my favorite sessions (I will probably say this about most of my sessions!) for a few reasons:

  1. Brooke is my sister, and that should be reason enough.

  2. The yellow summer flowers get me EVERY time I look at them.

  3. This session was prompted by Brooke asking if we could do a shoot because she said she needed to feel pretty.

Wow, the third reason is easily my favorite. I was flattered by the compliment, but it takes some genuine confidence to say that, and every girl should love the way she looks in photos. I look up to you, Brooke!

We knew there was a field of flowers hiding up somewhere on Squaw Peak Road, but neither of us had ever been there. We didn’t end up finding THE field, but we found a couple other gorgeous locations that fit our ticket. Rather than an open area, we got a more rugged terrain-type area with gorgeous mountain views and cute yellow flowers. A grassy field with still air and stirred dust made for the yummiest light in our second spot. Looking back through these photos at the end of January right after a massive snow storm is reeeeally making me yearn for the warm sunshine and green trees.


Speaking of green… we can’t have a blog post with Brooke’s lovely face all over it without talking about her rising business! Brooke loves plants, to the point where her family questions how healthy her obsession is. ;) She has learned how to propagate succulents from old leaves, and now grows, arranges, and sells the cutest little potted plants! She can work with you to create your perfect arrangement, for yourself or someone you love, and give you excellent advice on how to keep your plants alive at home! You can find her on Instagram at @_happy_roots_