Higbee Wedding- Salt Lake City Temple

Eliza and Josh Wedding-37.jpg

YES! Finally, these two are wed! And what a beautiful day it was, almost perfect. The sun was shining and we had some beautiful afternoon light to work with, but it was SO COLD (It seems like most of my sessions lately have been like that… not like it’s the middle of winter or anything).

Knowing that there were lots of guests for this wedding and that they would all be anxious to get out of the cold, I showed up an hour and a half or so before Josh and Eliza came out of the temple to scope the grounds for our must-have shots so that we could get all of them as efficiently as possible. The groups shots went swiftly, and we were able to start on the day-of bridal portraits not even 45 minutes after the couple came out of the temple.

Eliza and Josh Wedding-42.jpg

I was so grateful for the extra time that we had for the bridals, but not so that we could get some extra shots. Josh, Eliza, my dad (my parents are good friends with Eliza’s parents, and were invited to the wedding. They were both such a big help to me. And I was so spoiled and got to spend all of my in between down-time with them!) and I stepped into a building to thaw poor Eliza’s hands. I remember checking the temperature at some point during the pictures, and I think it was around 21º! After she was feeling up for going back outside, we quickly finished the rest of the bridals purely for the sake of comfort. Eliza’s mom had an antique get-away car set up to pick Josh and Eliza up for some alone time after their pictures and before their reception started.

Eliza and Josh Wedding-128.jpg

And the reception! There were, like, five different flavors of cakes, and I can tell you that at least three of them were amazing ;) They were BEAUTIFUL (Eliza’s aunt did all of the flowers!). The dancing was a blast, and there were so many cute little children to follow around for the evening. Both Josh and Eliza’s fathers gave a beautiful toast, and several of their siblings and Eliza’s parents and grandpa did some musical numbers! We ended the evening with a smoky sparkler exit and tired feet. It was such a long day, but it was so, SO good.

Congratulations, Eliza and Josh! I have loved working with you two!

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Ceremony Venue: Salt Lake City Temple
Reception Venue: Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Dress: Pritchett Bridal
Florals: Eliza’s aunt
Makeup: Josh’s sister, Emma
Rings: Wilson Diamonds
Live music: Joe Muscolino Band
Cakes: Granite Bakery
Get-Away Car: Something Vintage Something Blue