I Love My Couples Sessions!

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It is no secret— I love photography, and I love to photograph just about anything! But as with most people in their professions, there are definitely certain points of my job (can I even call it that with how much fun I have while “working?”) that I like more than others. Shooting and editing are easily the highest up on that list, but even those two categories have so many of their own aspects to them, especially shooting! So… the question is, what IS my favorite kind of session to shoot?


Broadly put, couples sessions are where it’s at. Engagements, bridals, weddings, anniversaries— you name it! The sweet couples that come to me for their engagements don’t usually have any experience in front of a camera, but talking about their how-we-met story and sharing lots of laughs makes their love for each other so relaxed and transparent in their final photos. If they book a bridals session with me in between their engagements and wedding, we are able to start out more warmed-up to the camera than before, and the first look and formal wear details come out pure gold (but if that were actually true, I’d be living in Hawaii by now). And the wedding? We’re basically old friends by then! Each time we have the opportunity to get together, we become more comfortable with each other and it almost feels like we’re meeting up to hang out! I always look forward to seeing my couples later down the road with a few years of marriage under their belt and maybe even with a few family additions!

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Eliza and Josh Wedding-108.jpg

Don’t get me wrong… I still LOVE my singles portraits and families (families have a special place in my heart since baby Leo made his grand debut), but since I started my photography career with couples, there won’t be anything else that quite gives me what my couples do!

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