Stevens Family - Family Photos at Utah Lake

We LOVE the Stevens family! Everett and I went to church with them when they lived around the corner from us, and we had the opportunity to develop a lasting friendship with them. Their son’s name is also Everett, and when the kids put it together that my husband’s name was Everett, his nickname quickly became “Everett From the Future.” The first time we heard them say that was at church before the meeting started. We chose a pew a few rows behind them, and their oldest daughter Vienne saw us, whipped around to her mom, and said, “Mom! Look, it’s Everett From the Future!” Our nickname for their Everett became “Little Everett.” My husband and I even got lucky enough to be Little Everett’s primary teachers for a few months!


Everett From the Future adores the Stevens so much that he volunteered to come with me to the session (and for those of you that know my husband, you know that that’s a BIG deal), and since the Stevens moved before we had our baby, we were able to introduce our baby Leo to them! Sweet little Elloree loves babies, and when she met Leo she told me with the most serious face, “I’m going to grow up and be a mommy and have nine babies!”


I brought some smarties our session to help keep the kiddos focused. Vernell is a sharp one and turned my tool into a weakness. She figured out that I would give her just about as many smarties as she wanted to do what I asked, and she used it to her full advantage!


When Wendee contacted me wanting family photos done for their Christmas card, it was that kind of awkard/yucky time of the year when there weren’t any fall colors left, but there wasn’t any pretty winter snow yet. Utah Lake served as the perfect neutral backdrop for in between the seasons, and it let us get some shots for them that would work for their Christmas card and for updated family photos in their home!

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