Wilson Diamonds in Provo, Utah

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It is time to highlight one of my favorite local vendors, Wilson Diamonds! For any of you who follow my Instagram and have been watching my stories, you’ll remember that I highlighted them there recently. And for any of you that know me personally might know that I used to work there! But seriously, they are so amazing that they deserve their own blog post.

You might think I’m biased toward Wilson Diamonds because I used to work there, but my husband and I actually got our wedding rings there long before I applied for the job! You are getting the real-deal, insider and customer review right here.

When I began looking for an engagement ring, I went to quite a few places and found some rings that I liked and was seriously considering for my husband’s final purchase. I don’t even remember how we heard of Wilson’s, but decided to give it a shot before we settled on anything else. I am not exaggerating that within the first few rings I tried on, I knew that this was where I was getting my ring and put all the other shops out of my head. We received the best customer service from the moment we stepped in the door and continue to receive the same high level of service today with every visit I make for a ring cleaning and quality check!

Almost a year later, when I was looking for a job while continuing to attend school, I came across an application as a desk clerk for Wilson Diamonds. When I interviewed with Shane and Fish (yes, it’s a nickname, but literally everyone calls her that, and it’s the best!), I immediately understood why my husband and I had such a great experience with the company. They very personally and carefully choose their employees based on who is going to help move the company forward and serve their clients to meet their standards (while also being very flexible to work with student schedules), and don’t just choose anyone to fill an open spot on a tight timeline. I knew I had high expectations to meet when I got hired on!

During my time there, I got to see the inner-workings of the entire business. The desk clerks handle each and every ring with care and treat every client with respect. The sales-people love the couples they get to help and spend so much time and energy making sure they get exactly what they want in their rings. The owners do so much to make sure their employees are happy and frequently check on and interact with clients to make sure everyone is satisfied with their product and service they’ve received.

And now as a photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with MANY couples who have purchased their rings from Wilson Diamonds, and each one of them is very pleased with their entire experience! I love Wilson Diamonds, and I feel so blessed each time our paths cross as we get to serve the couples we love!

Visit them on Instagram @wilsondiamonds
or on there website at https://www.wilsondiamonds.com/

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