Karen and Keith- Bridals at the Provo Amphitheater

Karen and Keith… you could not meet two sweeter people! I first met Karen during our freshman year at college through a mutual friend that I had from back home. Last April she got back in touch with me asking to do her engagements at the Utah State Capitol, and it was SO much fun to catch up with each other! These two met while training to be missionaries. There wasn’t much of a chance for things to blossom while they were training, but after they completed serving their missions, they reconnected and hit things off. They got married last May in Japan, where Karen’s parents currently live! Karen and Keith live in Ogden, while Keith attends Weber State University and Karen makes the long commute down to Brigham Young University. During both their engagement and bridal sessions, I could sense their genuine interest in others, and the gentle but firm love they have for each other. I love a love that is so tangible that the people around know that they are meant only for each other!


At the end of last October, Karen contacted me again, this time for a bridal shoot! During our session, I asked if they had any photos done while they were in Japan. Karen said that her mom booked a session for them to have their bridals done in a studio in traditional Japanese clothing, but they only got one photo back! Karen and Keith wanted to have a variety of photos as a Christmas present to give to Karen’s grandparents, so we had the opportunity for a beautiful sunrise session at the Provo amphitheater. Their love felt so fresh that no one would’ve known they were having their bridal photos done six months later!

Congratulations, Karen and Keith! I hope to see you two around again soon!

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