Oops, That Was a First (and Hopefully the Last)

Let’s go back to the first engagement session I ever did (And yes, I’m going to be vulnerable here and post some pictures from this session :) I am so proud of where I started, but I am also very proud of how far I’ve come!). I was a brand new photographer, charging next to nothing for sessions, and grateful for everyone who came my way so that I could practice and get better! I also was trying to give 110% to every session, and as part of that, I tried to go above and beyond on location ideas that I thought were unique to me and my clients.

The location we decided on was the Mount Timpanogos trailhead by Aspen Grove, for those of you who are familiar with the area. Immediately to the right when you turn off to the Alpine Loop road from Provo Canyon, there is a rather large hill (a small mountain, if you will) that I thought would be one of these unique locations that no one else would have. Michael, who was one half of the couple I would be shooting that weekend, was already there when I got there, and I told him what my plan was. I charged up the hill to check it out. It took me way longer than I expected, and when I made it to the top and decided I liked the view, I realized I hadn’t brought my camera with me. So I went all the way back down just to grab that and tell Michael and Cassidy (who showed up during my hike) that it was a view they wouldn’t want to miss out on. They were crazy enough to be up for it!

We started back up the hill and got some great photos at the top. On the way back down, again, I stepped into some mud, and realized as I slid for a few feet that I had worn my Hawaiian sandals. They slipped right up my feet onto my legs! I heard Michael and Cassidy call out to see if I was alright, but I’m not sure they ever knew what had happened with my shoes! Looking back on the whole thing now, I’m just grateful no one got hurt. It was not one of my best ideas, and I don’t plan on asking that of my clients again any time soon!