Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist for your Wedding

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This one is for you ladies out there (unless you’re a guy that’s into makeup, that’s cool too). I know there are SO many opinions about where you should spend your money for your wedding, and there are three things that I believe should be at the top of your priority list: photography, your dress, and the makeup. Now before you roll your eyes and think, “Well, duh. She wants my money to go into her industry, of course she’s going to say that,” I have some rather unbiased reasons for why!

My little plug for why photography is so important because that’s the main way you are going to remember the biggest day of your life the best, and having the perfect wedding dress is every girl’s dream. BUT this blog post is actually for the makeup side of your wedding day or your bridals session! Because your photos are going to be what you look back on, you will want to feel and look your best in those photos so that your attention isn’t drawn to what you think you should have looked like on your wedding day. Hiring a makeup artist is going to virtually take that problem away.

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Makeup artists are trained and practiced in the way light hits your face. Makeup is NOT about hiding things you don’t love about yourself (although this is often an added bonus). The artists know the secrets to the colors that will look best on your skin and the way to highlight and contour your face to draw attention to the beautiful features that are already there.

They know how to apply the stuff in a way that it will last your entire day. You will probably have a few happy tears during your ceremony and sweat a little from dancing and, in general, from your wedding day being a little long anyway, and they can do up your makeup to last through it all.

The artists know what will photograph well! If you’re not used to having your makeup professionally done for a wedding (or photography in general), you will probably come away from your appointment feeling extremely over done. When you look back on your photos though, everything will look exactly right. True story, there have been MANY times that when I get to my sessions with my brides who have had their makeup professionally done that I get nervous that they’re too orange (or cakey or whatever word you want to use for it), but EVERY SINGLE TIME I finish up their sessions, they end up being my favorite sessions. The brides look flawless, and we owe all of it to professional makeup.

You might be thinking that you know what you’re doing with your makeup or that you have a friend who is really good at it, and that might be true! And if you’re not into the hype about the extras of your wedding (or simply have other priorities), I get it. You do you, it’s your day, and you shouldn’t let anyone make you do something you’re not up for. In my experience though with my own wedding (if I could go back, I would totally hire a makeup artist) and now that I work in the wedding industry, makeup is a huge item to set part of your budget apart for! You will look amazing and you will love pouring over your bridals and wedding photos again and again.

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I have a few makeup artists that I love and would recommend to anyone!
Allie Laree Hoffmann