Eliza and Josh- First Look and Bridals at the Utah State Capitol


Eliza and I had been planning her bridals session at the Utah State Capitol for weeks. The day finally came and the forecast was showing lots of cloud cover and rain. I started getting nervous about the time of day we had planned, thinking it might get too dark, and worried that the rain would force us to do all the portraits indoors. A light sprinkle never hurt anyone, right?

Well, about an hour before I was planning on leaving my house, I got a text from Eliza. “The dress shop told me that my dress won’t take well to rain spots.”

Driving to the Capitol from Orem is a pretty decent drive, so I had lots of time to worry about the weather on the way up. As soon as I got to the point of the mountain, I got hit with the hardest rain I had seen all year. “No no no no no no,” was on repeat in my head with lots of prayers for the next half hour.

To my relief, there wasn’t any rain and only some water on the ground when I got to the Capitol, but the clouds still looked like they wanted to play games with me. Eliza and Josh arrived soon after, and by the time they were dressed and ready for their first look, the clouds broke for the most stunning sky. They had such a tender first look and a beautiful bridal session to follow. The rain in November made for a chilly evening, so we were able to finish up the portraits inside the Capitol. Eliza’s dress was perfectly complimented by the marble interior.

These bridals turned out so classy and timeless, and I hope that Josh and Eliza can remember their feelings from that night every time they look at their photos.