Aaron and Becca- Engagements at Vivian Park

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A few weeks ago, I put out a little advertisement on my Instagram and Facebook pages that I would be holding some mini sessions. Even though I knew that Aaron and Becca were dating, I didn’t realize that they were so close to being engaged! Aaron sent me a message a few days after I put the mini sessions out on the Internet asking for a spot, later on the same day he planned to propose to Becca! I’m so glad she said yes— despite the three feet or so of snow we trudged through (literally), we had so much fun doing their photos!

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I actually know Aaron and Becca from high school! They were both freshmen my senior year. The three of us got to perform in the musical Les Misérables in the spring of 2013 together!

Aaron and Becca have a pretty amazing story together. As a lot (if not all) of you know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lattery-Day Saints, as well as both Aaron and Becca. But it hasn’t always been that way. Becca began investigating the church when she was a senior in high school, around the same time that she and Aaron began dating. Long story short, she joined the church, and Aaron was the one privileged to baptize her!

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The two parted ways but kept in contact when Aaron left for a mission to New York shortly after graduating. Becca served her own full-time mission in Costa Rica! Aaron began attending BYU when he got home, and his family was at the airport to welcome Becca home when she finished her mission. Fast forward to only a short two weeks later, and the three of us are at Vivian Park shooting their engagement photos!

Congratulations, you two! I’m excited to see what amazing things you do with your lives.

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