Where I Draw My Inspiration

This has been a really insightful topic for me to write on since it has kind of forced me to ponder on why I do what I do and where my inspiration comes from. I think a lot of people assume that others get their inspiration in the same way they themselves do (including me!), so I hope this post is insightful for those who read it as well!

My inspiration comes from all sorts of different things. One of the ways that most people could probably guess is from seeing the work other creatives! My favorite fellow photographer and arguably my biggest other-creative inspiration is Eden Strader. Holy smokes is that girl talented. The way she uses light is mesmerizing, and her ability to create a striking photo while preserving the natural color is flawless. She is always coming up with fresh ideas on old poses. Eden, simply put, is a master at her craft.

Finding new creatives to follow and collaborate with is another way I love to draw my inspiration. Sometimes just seeing other people do their thing and doing it well gets me going on doing my own thing well. One of those I recently found is J. Noelle Design! She custom-makes BEAUTIFUL wedding gowns!

Even though this isn’t related to couple photography in any way, I love watching my baby boy roll around and get into things. New angles to photograph and finding the small, in between moments and childlike amazement is so fun and incredibly inspiring to me to capture. Everything I do is for him and my husband, so naturally, they stir the inner-workings of my mind!


Getting some fresh air and simply sitting still are by far my favorite ways for getting inspired. Taking a quiet moment to think about nothing in particular is oftentimes when the most ideas come into my head— about how to improve my craft, new ideas for upcoming sessions, marketing strategies, and so much more!

I would love to hear how you draw your own inspiration, whether it’s the same way I do or any other way! Please comment below!