Pope Wedding- Mount Timpanogos Temple

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I love all of my couples and all of my sessions all for their own reasons, and this wedding was no exception. I haven’t had so much fun shooting a wedding in a long time! The love Harrison and Kaylie have for each other is unreal, and their wedding party had me doubled-over laughing the entire time!

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I don’t get many of my inquiries through Instagram, and when I do, they’re not usually people who end up booking with me. Harrison’s message came through though, and obviously some magic worked because we got to spend their wedding day making some beautiful pictures! Harrison found me through a previous client and friend of mine who worked with him at a music store. I am always so flattered when I get referrals from my past clients; it truly is the best compliment I can receive!

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Photos in the winter are always a little difficult to predict— there’s the worry that everything will be dead, and the hope that maybe a fresh snowfall will turn the scenery into something unforgettable. We didn’t have a fresh snowfall for this wedding, but the little details on the temple grounds were beautiful. Some of the trees still had golden leaves on them, and evergreens dotted the grounds. Cute little red berries clung to leafless branches, and the temple itself always makes for a gorgeous backdrop.

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Honestly, I was a little nervous to see how this wedding would go, since I didn’t do Harrison and Kaylie’s engagements or bridals. Those sessions are kind of like the warm-up to the wedding, when we get to break the ice and become a little more comfortable with each other for the real deal! Obviously no need for these two though :) Even though it was cold and wet, we had a blast doing all the photos, from the big group shots to the quiet, precious little moments. My favorite shots from the day have got to be a tie between the wedding party photos and the courtyard shots when Kaylie and Harrison got a moment to talk about their day.

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Thank you for the opportunity to shoot your wedding, you two. You are both incredible people and I feel so privileged to have worked with you!

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